4 May

Mzansi at the India-SA Business Development Summit

Taking full opportunity at expo’s and trade shows, is a great way to showcase what we do as a business and as people. Giving the public and business sectors exposure to our Brand and product.

This is a must in any growing business and should always be taken advantage of. We at Mzansi believe that being direct to the public and business sectors is the best way to grow the name and Brand. This is yet another successful undertaking, meeting industry leaders in the India manufacturing sector and key player in our business development approach. We are ecstatic with the outcome of this expo.

Leaving no hand “unshook“, no stand “unvisited” and no opportunity to speak about the brand unspoken. We know the value of the interpersonal relationship and the interaction with the end-user.

We met players in robotics, pump supply, mining, military and even the herbal/natural medicine sectors. The vast line of industries are astounding and intriguing.

We look forward to seeing you at the next expo.

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