Products & Services

MZANSI now maintains, by virtue of our partnership with EKL and our collaboration agreement with DCD, a lucrative future business potential with respect to servicing the niche market with regard to the manufacture and supply of engineered products. The combined product range among others include:

Pipe supports

Manufacture and supply of all types of variable and constant hangers.

Pipe clamps and related ancillaries.

Testing rig for Hanger Supports (Tension and compression testing)

Design, Manufacture and Supply of Steel & Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabrication and Supply of Stainless Steel Piping

Project Engineering & Fabrication of General Products:

Light structural steel work

Lightweight steel ducting & related products

Mechanical Equipment

Components for Power Generation plants


Mining Equipment

High Pressure, Medium Pressure Piping Systems in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.

Steel Structures, platforms, pipe bridges.

Storage Tanks, Vessels, Stacks & Ducts.

Installation and Erection of dynamic and static equipment including rotary & reciprocating machines, columns, reactors & exchangers.

Surface Protective Treatments  Sand Blasting, Coating, Wrapping & Painting Services

O & M Turnaround Maintenance Services and Manpower Supply


The high level components of a successful project that we adhere to are:

• Understanding and drafting project plans in line with deliverable dates
• Purchasing required material to complete job;
• Allocating qualified staff;
• Managing time lines and deadlines


All of our welding inspectors are experienced and are hands on production experts. They have extensive expertise in various welding applications. All senior staff are trained in-house by qualified experts and third party educators and instructors.


We pride ourselves in ensuring that all jobs are thoroughly inspected before they leave our premises.
Through consistent communication with all stakeholders, we ensure weekly feedback on progress of job right up till the end of project.


We incorporate a simple critical thinking frame work for approaching problems and decisions while fostering problems and innovations.


We have local and international trained staff. Our artisans are fully qualified with 10 to 15 years of working experience in the trade.

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