2 Jul

The Petrochemical Roadshow at the Sasol Secunda Recreation Centre


Let’s kick this discussion off with “why it is important for every SMME to attend expos and trade shows”.


Exhibitions are an enormously important part of the marketing activities of most types of business, ranging from the largest multinationals to small family businesses. All evidence of the research confirms that opportunities to get face-to-face with customers and potential future clients remain an incredibly valuable tool for developing new business.

Even in this day and age of exciting multi-channel and internet-based communication, the need for personal interaction has never been more important. There is a significant value of meeting with clients and future customers in person, experiencing that business is conducted between “real” people and moreover based on trust. The combination of exhibitions and virtual marketing are essential components to any company’s communications strategy and ideally go hand in hand.

This also allows us to touch base with new and existing clientele. The importance of the face to face interaction and the marketing sales pitch (as opposed to the Direct Sales Pitch) is greatly under valued in the SMME playing ground. Getting to explain and showcase your product on a touch and feel scenario is often more effective than cold calling and trying to sell a product that can be explained in more finer detail in person.


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